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We provide Arabic-English-Persian translations to various types of documents. We also have teaching services if you are interested in learning Arabic or Persian.


“Words” is our specialty. You can see them in our translation work, excellent teaching techniques and the children’s storybooks. Have a look at our testimonials 🙂


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You can choose between learning Arabic or Persian.

Lessons will be tailored according to your needs and purposes, and will take place via Skype.

Schedules are flexible and can easily fit into your busy lifestyle.


Not every person who speaks two or more languages can be titled as a translator. Being a translator is an art that requires knowledge and experience combined. I have them both. Kindly, have a look at my portfolio for some examples of my work.

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Creating a better world starts from investing in our children. Planting good qualities into children’s pure hearts will make them fruitful trees when they become adults. Also, keeping them informed and aware of the global affairs will ensure having considerate adults in the future.
Those books were written by a mother who wants her daugher to be considerate about others and thoughtful of the serious issues going around her.

Alhan is gifted in more than a language. We hired Alhan for providing Arabic-English, and English-Arabic translating and interpreting in a context of reform for a K-12 ministry of education in the Persian Gulf. She was young, yet well beyond her years in terms of maturity, ability to adapt to the variety of personalities in a multi-national team, and produced excellent work – often under very limited time constraints. Alhan is a delight – laughs easily and has a good sense of humor. One immediately notices that she is pretty, do not be fooled! She is as smart as she is attractive. She is a serious professional – the quality of her work exceeded that of more experienced translators-interpreters. She loves learning new vocabulary and when she came across an unfamiliar term, she grasped it completely and began using both technical and colloquial language. I do not hesitate to endorse her for languages other than the two required in her work with me – she will give you a very honest assessment of her strengths and areas for growth. I would certainly hire her again.

Patricia McLean

Educational Consultant, Patricia McLean & Associates

I find myself very lucky to have found Alhan! She is amazing, incredibly patient, and tailors the class to my professional needs which is exactly what I needed! The classes are fun and so enjoyable that they pass very quickly. I recommend this wonderful teacher to anyone as she seems to adapt to any learning style.

Islem Cheriet

Research Assistant, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Rehabilitation (CRIR)

Alhan is a professional and very polite person to work with. She had worked on several translation jobs for our company and everything was done on time with great focus on details. We are very happy with her work and would work with her again for our future translation projects.


Suhail Niazi

CEO & Founder, ReturnMe - Global Recovery Service

Alhan is an experienced and gifted linguist with a particular talent for simultaneous translation. Alhan worked as part of my team to translate written and oral instructions for the teachers working toward the accreditation of their teaching licenses. This requires a high level of English and many subject specific terms that many teachers were hearing in Arabic for the first time.
Alhan was also an unofficial cultural bridge, she was very good at picking up the audience feedback from idiosyncratic behaviours that were not apparent to our team of non-arabic speakers. She made the training run very smoothly and helped us avoid potentially embarrassing situations. She was a pleasure to work with because she was so professional and friendly and I would highly recommend her to anyone needing Arabic translation work.

Debbie Nsefik

Science, Maths and ICT Education consultant, Nsefik Inc.



I, Alhan, the founder of this online business, would be more than pleased to assist you with any of the above situations by teaching you Arabic or Persian or translating them for you. This is an online business; therefore, you can have everything accomplished from the comfort of your own space.

Language = Culture

If you want to learn more about a culture, then learning their language is a MUST! Language and culture and inseparable. I have lived in both the Arab and Persian cultures, and speak both languages (along with English) EVERY SINGLE DAY. If you are planning to visit an Arab or Persian speaking country, learn a few sentences in those languages and you have the key to their hearts!

Alhan Rahimi

For more information about my academic and educational background, you may visit my LinkedIn page.

Native Speaker

Being a native speaker of both Persian and Arabic and having a MA degree in Translation and Interpreting from England, as well as over 10 years of experience in this field, makes me a qualified person for such a work. I also have experience in teaching Arabic and Persian and have developed teaching materials for both.


Becoming a mother makes me think every day of how I can bring the best out of my child and help her become thoughtful and considerate of the environment and people around her. Storytelling is something that has always fascinated me and my daughter loves it too. Have a look at the ‘Children’s Books’ section. Hope you like my stories 🙂

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